Sarith Kzekarit

A sullen drow ranger, arrested for the murder of one of his superiors


A male drow, Sarith was found in a sullen state and largely kept to himself, rebuffing attempts to talk to him. Once he was coaxed to speaking it was discovered that he was disgraced by his imprisonment but was resigned to his fate, since there didn’t appear to be anything he could do about it. Sarith was accused of murdering his drow superior in a fit of madness, but he had no memory of it. He varied between believing the whole thing was a setup to discredit and destroy him, and fearing that it was all true. He was being held, like Chasrith, until he could be sent back to Menzoberranzan as a sacrifice to Lolth and an example to others.

Due to his vast knowledge of the underdark, he acted as the party’s guide during most of their quest to find a path to the surface. During this time he unexpectedly found himself warming to the moon elf bard, Geoffrey and the rouge, Deleroy. A relationship formed between them, something Sarith found both alarming and comforting. Listening to Chasrith’s tales of Eilistraee, he began to rethink his devotion to Loth, the only deity he had ever known. Knowing that remaining in the underdark would mean his death, he secretly resolved to follow Geoffrey wherever that might lead. Although a part of him lead him elsewhere.

When the party arrived at Neverlight Grove and discovered the madness the demon lord Zuggtmoy had sewn, Sarith succumbed to the spores that had been growing in his mind. Fungi erupted from his head and his body became a mindless zombie servant of Zuggtmoy. The party was left with no choice but to slay him. Desperately hoping they could find some way to return their lover to life, Geoffrey and Deleroy kept a single finger of the drow locked away in a small box, burning the rest of the body.

Once on the surface, they consulted with a Necromancy professor at the Lady’s College in Silverymoon. Unfortunately, the professor informed them that he was unable to pinpoint the location of Sarith’s soul in either the fugue plane or in the demonweb pits. Distraught, they let the quest fall to the side lines. Yet, they still hold on to the single finger, clinging to that small sliver of hope.

Sarith Kzekarit

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