Shuushar the Awakened

A Kuo-toa hermit, claiming knowledge of the path to enlightenment


This Kuo-toa hermit is likely one of the strangest creatures the adventurers have met. The aquatic hermit is a calm and peaceful presence. He is aware of his people’s well-deserved reputation for madness and claims to have spent a lifetime in contemplation for solitary meditation to overcome that legacy. He appears to have been successful, exuding an aura of enlightened balance. Shuushar was even calm and accepting of his imprisonment by the drow in Velkynvelve, merely saying that it was what it was, and who can say what end it might eventually lead toward?

Shuushar led the group down the safest path leading to Sloobludop. After the summoning of Demogorgon, Shuushar chose to stay in his ruined city, helping his people recover from the rampage.

Shuushar the Awakened

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